Air Duct Cleaning

We are the only company in Oregon who use a Dual System Air Duct Cleaning! In cleaning Air Ducts for 15 years we have found that this is the only proper way to effectively clean out your Air Ducts. Most companies in Oregon are using just the Rotobrush, however, this will not effectively clean your ducts! Our company bought a “Rotobrush” system to compete with the low priced guys in Oregon. After cleaning a few homes and inspecting our work we were sadden by the poor quality results. We felt like we were ripping the customers off so we quickly stopped advertising for the Rotobrush cleaning. Instead of scrapping the expensive machine we now have incorporated this machine along with the Hepa-Air-System. The combined dual duct cleaning does an unbelievable job! It really is the only way to effectively remove everything out of the duct work. Our cleaning process takes approx. 5 hours for a 2,000/sq.ft home.
Call us today and be assured that your Ducts are cleaned right the first time! Don’t waste your money on a company claiming they can clean your home air ducts in about an hour! Think about it. There is no way you can clean your entire duct work from the registers all the way to the furnace in a hour.